“The danger of adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort.” – Paul Coelho


Cái Thùng Gỗ Wine & Liquor

Opened in 2011, today we are one of the best boutique wine stores in Saigon - Vietnam

Cơm Gà Hội An Mệ Vui

Since 2015, we are busy everyday. You can enjoy the best and most popular dishes of Hoi An and Hue at Quán Mệ Vui!

Yên Vegetarian Bistro

A small bistro in the center of Saigon serving authentic vegetarian dishes from Hue - the last kingdom of Vietnam.

Mevui Vietnam Kitchen Bali

We opened during Covid time in Kuta - the heart of Bali, and we are full everyday. We just cook simple dishes but very authentic from Vietnam and with reasonable price.

Jungle Life Travel

We are a destination management group with 15 years experience in inbound Travel of Indonesia and Vietnam.

Dive&Cruise Indonesia

We provide tailor-made Dive training and Liveaboard trips in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Ant Cad & 3D Service Provider

Since 2013, our team in Vietnam is specializing in digitalization of architectuaral hand drawing as well as transfering point cloud data to Cad file.


Our Management Team

Mathew - Mr. Project Manager

Maria - Mrs. Executive Chef

Mie - Ms. Operational Manager

Ân - Mr. Vietnam Manager

Nhân - Mr. CTG Wine Shop Manager

Susi - Mrs Head of Admin and Acc

An Bui - Mr. Cad Team Leader

About Us

A dream does not become reality through magic! It takes sweat, determination, and hard work.. Jungle Life Group is here to help making your dreams come true!



We can’t believe it either. Where does the time go?



We are doing very well with wine and whisky store, authentic Vietnamese kitchen, travel in Vietnam and Indonesia includes adventure trips, scuba diving courses, leisure liveaboard charters and last but not least: outsourching of digitalized drawing ( CAD, 3D, Pointcloud, Revit..)..



Saigon, Kuta & Renon of Bali , Nusa Penida and soon will be .. !? Let it be a surprise!



With you, it could be 9, 10, 11.. Why not?


What does Jungle Life Group do?

Jungle Life is a group of business units. We are investors and work directly in tourism, F&B and hospitality industry. Jungle Life Group has the tasks of guiding, sharing experience as well as directly participating in capital investment and operations if required by members.

Each Jungle Life business unit, called a member, has the ability to operate independently, but there are more advantages to grow in the Jungle Life Group eco-system.

Where are the business locations ?

Currently we are in Saigon – Vietnam and Bali – Indonesia.

Size of business?

Jungle Life focuses on very small, small and medium business models.

Does Jungle Life Group offer investment consulting?

Actually NO. We find promissing projects then invest and run it together with our members. We only focus on the areas where we do best.

The Vision?

We want to create a network with members in the top travel destinations in Vietnam and Indonesia and in the future in Southeast Asia. Each member works flexibly, independently and effectively. Highly personalized & localized but at the same time strong enough with the support from the system to survive today’s harsh and competative business environment. 

The Mission?

We support members in each locality with our capital investment and operating experience, as well as marketing plans. Together we develop sustainably the business and protect the natural environment where we set foot.

This is a chain system?

Absolutely not. We develop individual products for each locality with distinct cultural elements. We are more than happy if members want to preserve their own business identities.

Do i need a lot of capital or experience to become a member?

Not necessarily, the things you need are hard-working, creativity, and eager to learn.